Clothing manufacturing qualification earning the candidate 120 or more credits.

This qualification is applicable to people within the clothing sector. Learners will be able to produce garments using a domestic lockstitch sewing machine. The purpose of the qualification is to build the competence of learners in the clothing sector at NQF Level 1 to address the following: The need for the learner to demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial qualities. The need for the learner to manage his/her personal finances, as well as demo

This qualification will equip the learner with the skills, knowledge and values to participate effectively in workplace activities within the Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather (CTFL) manufacturing industries. Learners achieving this qualification will be able to contribute to CTFL manufacturing processes by: Monitoring the manufacturing/production process and the quality of production. Understanding their role in the business, i.e. in production and related activities. Unde

The qualification is applicable to people across the CTFL sector as the fundamental and core and elective components deal with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required by all mechanicians in the sector. Learners will deal with specific clothing, textile (dry) or textile (wet) processes through the chosen elective area.The purpose of the qualification is to build the mechanician competence at level 3 to address the following:1. The need for mechanicians to describe and identif